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Online training via webcam for performance.

Updated: Apr 23

When you are an athlete, you must combine technical training sessions with your technical coach, physical preparation sessions with your physical trainer, and many activities such as nutrition consultations, mental preparation, and many sessions with a sports physiotherapist. Of course all the actions carried out must be specific to the sport and competitions, but also adapted to the athlete.

Online webcam training for the athlete.

You maintain communication and training with your coach during many trips, training camps and competitions. Your coach can be present and interact with you, wherever you are, to optimize and adjust each workout.

You constantly maintain communication between the entire team in order to provide quick and appropriate solutions at all times.

The advantages of training via webcam are numerous and make it possible to optimize the actions carried out by your physical trainer.

I have been training my clients and athletes via webcam for over 10 years, the results obtained have not been altered by not being physically present. On the contrary, I have seen better optimization of the participation of the athletes and the training sessions carried out.

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Laurent Le Bosse

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