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My journey

Updated: Apr 23

I've always been told, “you never walk, you always run.” At the age of five, I would regularly run more than 4 km without a break. Extremely active as a child, I quickly started practicing multiple sports. I practiced individual and nature sports such as: running, climbing, mountain walking and cross-country skiing. At the age of 12, I decided to do my first half marathon. In complete autonomy, I planned, organized and carried out my training sessions in parallel with my school activities.

Due to knee pain associated with too much stress on this joint during this period, I had to significantly reduce running and focus on strengthening my muscle mass even more. At the age of 14 I started weight training. Very quickly, my interest in physical preparation grew considerably, to the point where I became a physical and athletic trainer. My professional background is atypical and fully reflects my determination and my independence, both in the way of thinking and also in the way of expressing myself.

I was lucky enough to do my military service in the sports department of the Satoney Camp Village regiment near Lyon.

After my military service, I worked in the top fitness center in Lyon. Very quickly, I went from coach, to head of coaches, then director of the structure. My cumulative experience during this period allowed me to realize that my inspiration was more on the sport aspect of training and also becoming independent. I met an exceptional person who had a huge impact in both my personal and professional life. Rene Meme is a renowned physical trainer in Europe. I worked alongside him for over 10 years and had the chance to physically prepare many top athletes. The experience that I have accumulated over the years has allowed me to understand how I function and to highlight certain personal characteristic traits that I use and develop to this day. Intuitive both in my approach to training and in the way I interact with the people I train, I understand that we set our own limits and that through them we become co-creators of our reality and that these limits must be questioned in order to free oneself and discover our full potential. Traveling with athletes to Canada and the United States allowed me to find my "twin flam", my soul mate.

An unforeseen and magical encounter. It is extremely difficult to describe or explain such encounters. To give you an overview, I am going to tell you about something that cannot be understood. Despite the fact that I didn't speak a word of english and she not a word in french we spent hours chatting on our first date. She was the only person I understood, without speaking the same language. The people around us didn't understand and logically concluded that this must be the language of love, nothing more. Learning english on the job, it took me 3 years to be able to communicate with people other than my wife. During this period, it was possible for me to work in different fitness centers despite the language barrier, remember we set our own limits. Pretty quickly, my wife and I redefined these boundaries; the ones we all create. We were beginning to perceive the world around us differently. This difference in perception led us to become aware of ourselves, our union, and the world around us. We started changing our nutrition and with time we adapted a plant-based lifestyle that changed the way we viewed our lives, our health and world around us. We made a jump to the unknown with our four year old daughter, our cat, our personal belongings and moved to Mexico and Europe. This irresistible urge to detach from the world allowed us, for more than 4 years, to raise our level of consciousness and spirituality. During these years, we transformed ourselves in a spiritual way which to this day we are still growing and learning.

Our physical training during this period decreased considerably so that we could fully focus on our spiritual awakening. We began the journey of connecting to our bodies through different modalities like meditation, breathing exercises and being present.

We understood that a connection with our body and spirit is the key to balance our male and female energy within ourselves. There is a very close link between a plant-based diet and our spirituality, but also that such a diet significantly promotes our physical wellbeing and athletic performance.

Having resumed my training 6 months ago, I have seen considerable room for improvement. The performances obtained and the physical changes exceed those obtained before my spiritual journey. Through the services I offer, my online events and the posts you can find on my website, I want to share with you my experience and my coaching philosophy.

My objectives are:

  1. To promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for the optimization of health and athletic performance.

  2. To become conscience of your body in order to harmonize your mind, body and spirit.

  3. To free yourself from outside influences and become autonomous.

  4. To connect with your body and acquire the basic knowledge to create, adjust, and adapt your training at all times.

My passion is to share this knowledge with others so they may start their own journey to become the best version of themselves.

Thank you

Laurent Le Bosse

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