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Is private online coaching with webcam the future?

Updated: Apr 23

Fit and healthy has never been more popular as it is today. But old ways of working do not always work with modern, busy lives.

Old ways of working.

Before,  people had goals they would like to reach and would choose one or a few of these options:

1- Join a gym

2- Purchase of the last training DVD

3- Download a new fitness app

4- Get a personal trainer

These options are becoming less popular related to the new lifestyles people have.

More people travel today than ever before and have a busy life with work and socializing.

The solution: Private online training with webcam.

This solution is popular with men and women.

What is private online webcam training?

- This method of training allows you to train or be with

your coach by videoconference.

-You follow your workout the same way you would with your private trainer.

-You can maintain motivated and continue your workouts in the comfort of your home, park, hotel or office.

The benefits for you.

1- Constant feedback and motivation.

Private training allows you to always know how you are going so you can go further.

2- Custom made for you.

This type of training allows you to do your workout with your private trainer, which means that you will then go tailor-made.

3- Affordable.

Private online training with webcam minus a private workout in a gym, as it is no longer necessary to pay the gym membership, to spend time and money on transportation and parking .

4- Anytime and anywhere.

Choose the time and day that will be best for you to practice in the comfort of your home, park, hotel or office. You must have space for your workout, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone with webcam and an internet or phone connection.

It's new ... but is it better?

This really seems to be the future. This is a new concept, but we can assure you that private online training works very well, this concept is easy to use and the benefits are excellent. I continuously adjust your workout, your commitments and your lifestyle.

For more information, please visit my website or contact me for more information at

Thank you

Laurent Le Bosse

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