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Conditioning for Jiu Jitsu

Updated: Apr 23

Jiu Jitsu us a form of martial arts tha is similar to judo and Karate. it involves gripping, throwing, ground grapping, chokeholds and jointlocks, as well as the basic kicking, punching and blocking skills.

severakal matches of various durations may occur in a short period of time. this places great demands on the body. regardless of whether the athlete is in competition or sparring as part of training. overall conditioning is mandatory for optimal performance. Therefore, participating in a training program designed to enhance both health and skill related components of physical fitness is most advantageous for Jiu Jitsu practitioners.

Jiu Jitsu includes techniques that are characteristic of both, grappling arts (Judo) and Striking arts (Karate). A look at the physical attributes of both Karate and Judo may lend some insight as to the demands of Jiu Jitsu.


Is important for greater joint rand of motion, technique, injury prevention, and enhanced power and speed.


Is an important component of technique and is crucial to success at all levels.


Is essential when one needs short, quick bursts of maximal force production sush as in throws, takedowns, and strikes.


May not be considered a crucial component to success, but stronger athletes do possess several advantages particularly during grappling, joint locks, and various defensive techniques.

Muscular Endurance

Is required for technique execution and grappling for extended periods.

General Endurance (cardiovascular)

A good General Endurance base guards against early fatigue, improves acid-base balance, and improves the body’s ability to replenish anaerobic energy substrates. the general Endurance contribution during martial arts increases with duration of activity. however, Endurance exercise should be performed in moderation, as strength and power training is not very compatible with intense endurance exercise.

Balance, Coordination and agility

are all critical to success in Jiu Jitsu. Much of Jiu Jitsu practice is aimed at developing these components.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Systems

Limited rest periods during competition significantly stress anaerobic and aerobic systems, thus training should be designed to improve all methabolic systems. Interval training with short rest periods as in competition is an effective training mode for increasing both anaerobic and aerobic capacity.

Body Composition

Excessive Body Fat is a himdrance and has a negative effect on several components. Training, along with proper diet, is fundamental to body fat reduction.

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